The 7 Apps I Use On The Daily

I’m very lucky my business is multi-faceted, from planning social media content, to sending out media kits and other days we may have to fill in for a client’s photoshoot. Wait, but I just made it out like this is a good thing? Yep. Because no day is the same, and it’s what you make of it. Swear, I’m never bored and there’s never a dull moment!

And one of the questions I get asked ALOT of the time… is “How do you do it?” “Do you sleep?” “Do you work weekends”…

The answer is… well.. staying organised?

I’ve always been quite an organised, neat and tidy person, however, boy do I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, under the pump and am constantly whispering to myself… “what the f…?”

Growing up, I remember also always reading those “WHAT’S IN YOUR BAG” pages in Cosmo or Cleo.. but man, someone should write a “WHAT’S ON YOUR PHONE” section for entrepreneurs, business owners and just all-round busy people (shotgun, think I’ve found my new blogging category!)

So here’s a little insight into my iPhone and what I use on the daily to help me stay on track and achieve my goals.. both professionally and personally.


Surprised? Didn’t think so. Instagram is my daily bread and butter. It’s what I’m good at. And it’s what I use everyday. You don’t want to see my screen-time for this… it’s pretty scary. But definitely the most used app on my phone!


The ULTIMATE project management app. I use this to manage social media calendars, events, marketing campaigns… everything! You name it! It’s the super user friendly, easy to track and you can set automatic notifications so you’ll never miss a deadline again. PLUS members who are contributing to your “board” can jump in, edit and upload documents, comments and images. Here’s a snapshot of what my social media calendar planning looks like.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 2.49.29 pm.png


I meditate on the daily. Without fail. It’s a non-negotiable. 20 minutes minimum. I was no pro, but meditating consecutively for as long as I can remember has really changed my mindset and my response triggers. I no longer “just react.” I really take time to be aware, be present and acknowledge how each situation makes me feel. With over 20,000 FREE guided meditations, you’ll find something that’s right for you.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 2.52.17 pm.png


Since starting the business, my relationship with sleep has changed drastically. I used to see sleep as a “chore” or something we “had to do.” Heck, sometimes I wasn’t even doing it and I was sleeping 4-5 hours a night. But not getting enough sleep really isn’t cool and it sure as hell doesn’t let me function at my best. I monitor my weekly sleep patterns and make sure to clock in as much as I can. I am currently on 6-7 hours per night (woohoo) and as you can see in the screengrab below, it also tells you at what level you are sleeping.


The holy grail of organisation! Managing multiple client accounts and sifting through hundreds of photos of content really can get time consuming… but dropbox is a one stop shop to store all of your important documents, images and any other content you might need! And best of all, it sits in the “cloud” so it doesn’t take up your storage / it’s super user friendly also.


Our go-to for all things communicating with clients. Especially FitazFK. It streamlines all “chats” and it’s easier than sending so many emails back and forth. It’s kinda fun? Aha. You can create multiple groups within your organisation and you can share links, images, content… pretty much anything!


I rotate through a few of my favourites every now and then. But right now I am loving, VSCO (ultimate for filters), Colour Tone (more filters and presets), SnapSeed (this is a must for anyone who works in social media!!!!), UnFold (to create luxe stories) and Photo Editor (your generic photo brightening, sharpening and contrasting of photos.

Before & After using COLOUR TONE.

Before & After using COLOUR TONE.

What are some of your favourite apps you use on the daily? Let me know below!

Wendy xx